Winsford Whole Place

A major investment programme designed to build on Winsford’s economic strengths and opportunities but at the same time include complementary initiatives to support more vulnerable parts of the community, addressing the issues such as social inequality.

Three dedicated work streams have been identified:

  1. investment to support regeneration of the town centre, improve transport and connectivity, deliver more and better accessible and affordable homes, enhance the public realm and make best use of community assets, all fully aligned to the aims and objectives of the Winsford Neighbourhood Plan;
  2. A range of initiatives will tackle root causes of deprivation across the Winsford including: education; health related worklessness; and low incomes for individuals in employment;
  3. A range of initiatives will be tailored for Winsford to ensure the independence and wellbeing of vulnerable adults, families and children.

There is a clear emphasis on ‘quality’ and improving the retail and leisure experience for local residents and visitors. The Winsford Development Framework identifies the cope of a number of land parcels or zones into which investment can be directed. These include:


  1. A ‘Retail Core’ that benefits from a partial redevelopment of the existing shopping centre. This is vital to the delivery of regeneration in Winsford and in raising the profile for those who live, work and spend time here.
  2. A ‘Walkable Neighbourhood’ where new residential development around the town will improve connections to the town centre and waterfront.
  3. A ‘Leisure Gateway’ that takes advantage of the waterfront location to deliver new homes and leisure facilities. The old High Street is also seen as a key linkage between the leisure gateway and the town centre.
  4. A ‘Greenway’ to improve connections between the waterfront and the town centre. New facilities at Town Park would give people a reason to spend time here.
  5. A ‘High Street for people’ – reducing the dominance of cars along this route and making the High Street more of a place for people.